WordPress Training Courses & Workshops - Sydney, Australia

SEO for WordPress Training

Our Sydney SEO for WordPress In a Day Workshop  is specifically designed  for WordPress website/blog owners who are fed up with the lack of traffic and the poor rankings their website is currently getting. This training course offers hands on interactive training, and walks you through a step by step process to optimise your website.

As a natural extension to our Website In a Day and WordPress Training workshops, our graduates often ask about Search Engine Optimisation training, so we have developed a workshop to teach WordPress website owners the most effective ways for them to improve and optimise their own websites.

We will teach you the fundamentals of SEO and provide you with a very good understanding of which optimisation strategies will make the most difference to your own website’s rankings, traffic, sales and enquiries…

Hands On SEO Workshop

This workshop is very “Hands On” – you won’t just learn what to do, you will actually be working at optimising your own website. Throughout the day you will be learning SEO strategies, techniques, hints and tips, and in most cases will be able to immediately apply what you have learnt directly to your own WordPress website.

At the the end of the days training, you will have already applied many optimisation changes to your site, and have taken active steps to improve the rankings and traffic for your site.

For Further Inquiries

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