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Web Analytics Training Workshop

Our new Web Analytics In a Day Course delivers a in-depth guide to Search Engine Analytics and exactly how it could be utilized to much better understand how users find and interact with your internet site.

This work shop is suitable for beginners and novices in addition to skilled website users. This training course presents practical, interactive education and learning and walks you through a step by step process to comprehending, analysing and interpreting your web sites usage statistics .

Understand your web statistics in just one day!

How much would it help you to know how people get to your site?  or what they do on the site when they get there ? or whether they buy, contact you or use your service?
This hands on workshop helps you to make sense of the numbers, and teaches you what data to focus on when making decisions about your site.

You will be guided through the setup, configuration and analysis of Google Analytics, a powerful tool that gives you a huge amount of usage data and statistics on how people find and interact with your website. You will learn how to efficiently review and interpret this data – allowing you to clearly see which areas of your website are working effectively and (more importantly) which areas can be improved in order to attract more customers and make more sales from your site.

Benefits from this hands on interactive course include

  • Understand how Web Analytics adds value to your business
  • Learn how to setup Google Analytics
  • Gain familiarisation with Analytics terms
  • Learn how to make the most out of Google Analytics
  • Understand what each of the Google Analytics Reports mean – and how to use then effectively
  • Understand how to interpret them and relate them to measurable website goals

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Our Web Analytics In-a-Day hands on workshop will not only teach you how to use and interpret analytics data, but will guide you through the process of analysing LIVE data from your own website. Sydney workshops are scheduled regularly or you can contact us for more information or to make a booking

Course Outline

We cover the following in our Web Analytics training workshop:

  • Overview of Web Analytics
  • What is Web Analytics?
  • What does it do?
  • What are the common tool types (log file analysers, JavaScript tagging)
  • How can you use Web Analytics to improve your website
  • Your website
  • What are your business goals
  • Purpose of website
  • Importance of Goals
  • Goals from participants
  • Reports and features of Google Analytics
  • Understanding Reports and which ones are useful
  • Understanding terms used
  • Setting up goals
  • Share accounts
  • Notes
  • The all sources report
  • Adding reports to a dashboard
  • Date and comparison over time
  • Creating segments
  • Tracking internal search
  • Avoiding double counting of the default page
  • Error pages
  • Custom Reports
  • Adwords
  • Common Filters and extra profiles
  • ADVANCED Analytics (if time allows and dependent on audience)
  • Events
  • Visualisations
  • Multi channel
  • Cross-domain
  • Ecommerce
  • Custom Variables
  • Mobile

Course Pre-requisites

Because this workshop is based around the configuration of your own Google Analytics account, and analysis of your LIVE analytics data, it is a pre-requisite that you have analytics installed and running on your website for at least 4 weeks prior to attending a workshop.