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WordPress 3.9 Launched April 2014

The latest version of WordPress  (version 3.9) was released on 16th April 2014. This update introduces a number of core changes –  mainly focused on the back-end editing and administration functions, such as a the visual editor (TinyMCE) update, gallery previews, media playlists, an improved widget User Interface and live theme previews.

Here’s a summary of the major changes in WordPress 3.9.

Updated Visual Editor

The visual editor has received a major update, adding a horizontal line button, and an updated TinyMCE.

The new visual editor now includes gallery previews, (no more place holder boxes for galleries). You now have a live preview of your gallery, just like you do with images and other media.

You can now also drag images from your desktop, and drop them right into the post, where they will be automatically formatted to fit the post.

Improved Widget Interface

The biggest changes that come with the new widget interface are live previews, among others:

  • Editing existing widgets
  • Adding a new widgets
  • Widget reordering
  • Entirely remove Widgets
  • Adding a new widget

Easier Theme Installation

The new theme installation interface has been significantly improved.

Audio & Video Playlists

You are now able to create audio and video playlists as a shortcode

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